Longest cat in the world

Do you know Omar, the Maine coon ginger which is known to be the Longest cat in the world? He is even larger than other Maine coon cats, which are well known due to its amazing sizes and shapes. Omar weighs something around 15 kg and is about 115 cm long. He is competing for the world’s Guinness records of the biggest cat on Earth and he has one of the most popular accounts on Instagram.

Omar will be visited by the Guinness Record to be measured. However, his human caretakers claim that he is growing more and more as the days passed by. He measures as much as a German shepherd. It is amazing to look at pictures of Omar as he is the same size as his dog friends who live at the same house in which he lives. Also, Omar can reach everything in the house without doing much effort. 

Maine Coon cats are becoming really popular due to the fact that they measure the same as dogs but share the same personality traits as common cats. This makes them perfect companions for families who enjoy a big pet but have no time to take care of dogs.