Ryan Lochte Quotes Twitter

Ryan Lochte was born in New York in 1984 and he is a competitive swimmer who has won Olympics medals 12 times. In total, he won six golden medals, three solver medals and three bronze medals and these achievements put Lochte as the second-best swimmer, right behind Michael Phelps, from Maryland. He proudly holds the world record in 4×200 meter free style relay in the mixed category.

In 2013, he was awarded as the best swimmer of the world by the SwimSwam and he was also awarded with the best American swimmer of the year twice by the same organization. He specializes in three kind of strokes: medley, freestyle and backstroke and he is a really fast swimmer that is able to swim long distances, however, he also is recognized for having one of the best performances in short course formats.

He uses Twitter a lot and interacts with both, celebrities and some of his fans as well. Here are a couple of the best Ryan Lochte quotes from his twitter account: “Once you accept your limits, you go beyond them”, “No matter how hard, try to always reach for the moon”, “Traveling is better than arriving”, “Pain is temporary, pride lasts forever” among others, follow him in Twitter.