Vanguard Money Market Funds Strategy

If you have not heard about it, Vanguard and an investment group. The firm is based in Pennsylvania and started business back in 1975 funded by John C. Bogle. Today, the firm is one of the largest investments groups there are in the world. They offer different kind of funds with low fees and people who tend to invest with this firm are very cost-conscious investors. The funds are known to be the least expensive in the market.

In 2014, this firm has 3 trillion in assets spread worldwide and about 200 million investors. They invest in short term securities with high interests providing a safe place to save money and increase earnings. In the last years, vanguard money market funds are offering high returns with low fees and virtually no risks, attracting more investors and increasing its value.

Since 2013, similar companies had opted to show the net assets values of some funds to allow investors to see fluctuations but Vanguard did not follow along. This was actually a surprise as the firm is well known by its transparency. They said that as their clients, mainly retail investors, did not demand more transparency from them, they did not feel that they needed to increase the fluctuation of their funds.